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Best steel for beginners knives

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Hi all, 

So I've been making knives with 1095 steel and I'm wondering if you recommend I use another type of steel or To stick to this type to get more experience on forging, normalizing, quenching, tempering, sharpening, and once I get better change steel types? 

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53 minutes ago, Zeb Camper said:

Hahahaha it did... Not only in this but in other subjects that were quite clear. Not decalescence though Alan explained that to me perfectly as I read he did to you too! I'm gonna try to get my hands on some 5160... But it's kinda hard here in Mexico. If not I'm just gonna have to keep on practicing with the 1095 I've got. I don't think it's too bad from what I read in your post it's just the quenching right? 

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If you can get optimal and repeatable results with 1095, I believe you already skipped the beginner phase of heat treatments. That steel is persnickety, especially the one from admiral steel. I think Cashen has a procedure for this specific steel from that specific supplier to get the carbon at the right place prior to quenching. I don't know the details but I know it's got a very poor structure as sold.

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23 minutes ago, Robert D. said:

I think Admiral steel ships internationally, they have a good rate on it. 


I will check it out... The thing that might crew me is the weight. Shipping might go through the roof. Thanks! 

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