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Atlantic 33 for hot work tooling?


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Got a couple of hammer eye punches I need to make and was considering Atlantic 33.

I have made a lot of tooling from sucker rod, 4140, 5160, even some 52100, and was thinking of ordering some H13 until I ran across a video of Brent Bailey talking about it.

This will be for a Brian Brazil style handled eye punch if that helps.

Anyone with experience with Atlantic 33?


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Not heard of it before I’m afraid but the manufacturer (http://www.atlanticsteelcorp.com/services.html) says it is easy to forge and will readily weld to itself and other steels. Worth a go anyway. Let us know what you think once you’ve tried it.

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Atlantic 33 is also known as flutacon due to its shape.  They quit making it years ago, I don't know if they have started it up again.  According to Dave Smucker it is similar to 4140.  I was at a demonstration given by Dan'l Boone where he touted it for his chisels.  I think S-7 and H-13 are better for hot work tools.  H-13 is an air hardening steel.  Steve Williamson says to bring H-13 up to critical and let it cool in still air.  Do not quench.  Quenching softens the steel.  He has multiple, same type tools and when one gets hot he sits it aside and uses the other one until it gets hot then switches back again.

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Good to know. 

Since I'm making a couple of struck tools with wood handles, would H13 be good for that, or would S7 be better?  I'm leaning towards H13 due to simplicity of heat treat.  At least once it cools down some, I nearly melted at the forge last night.

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