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My first three knives.

Stuart Johnson

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Hi, I'm new here and new to knife making. I had been considering having a go at making knives for some time so a couple of months ago I jumped into it. I'm absolutely hooked! I've used O1 for these blades and recycled/native wood for handle scales. These are my first three knives. 

My first attempt is a general purpose hunter or camp knife with a 4" blade and recycled Teak handle.

The next two I built simultaneously. The largest one I built for my workmate who wanted something to stick wild pigs. It's a 7" blade again with Teak handle. The smaller tanto style knife is a utility/EDC with 4" blade and recycled NZ native Matai wooden handle and sheath. 

I've already gained a lot of valuable information from the forums here, so thank you all very much. 



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Thanks Gerhard. I designed it to use up an off cut of the O1 gauge plate I have haha I've become quite fond of it myself. Made it a wooden sheath so I can carry it in my pocket. 


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