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Mike Ward

Mystic Seaport Boat show

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My dad and I spontaneously decided to go to the Mystic seaport boat show in Connecticut and it turned out to be a fantastic trip. Amazing, fantastic, mind blowing craftsmanship and art everywhere! An absolute inspiration to appreciate all that people can do with their hands and imagination.

The museum has an original, fully functioning forge that does pieces for its boats and other museums also.



One the reasons we went was because my dad is restoring a 1934 Dragon by Johan Anker and there was someone there that restored a 1947 Dragon several years back who we questioned. 





Mayflower II restoration


And if you want to get an absolutely stunning piece of wood for cheap, go to a boat show. This is bird eye maple that’s 2”x5” by ~8 ft long and was less than $150. I don’t know about you, but I call that a deal.B)




I am so happy that I went and just stunned at the craftsmanship. The 13 hour drive was completely and utterly worth it.

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Nice!  The problem is that if I went to that show, I would come home with a divorce...

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