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Jim Hrisoulas reference spotted in a novel

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Ronald Leaton nodded; he was looking as tired as everyone else, and was dressed in a grease-stained baseball cap and overalls that looked like they'd been on for days. "Here's some of the other stuff you ordered."

Big knives ground out of bar stock, and short Roman-style swords. Those had smoothed wooden hilts, brass pommels, and an S-shaped guard made of rebar and welded on. Ian picked one up and hefted it, prodding the point into the battered wooden table it rested on.

"These are probably better steel than the originals," he said.

"Yup. That long fancy one you wanted will take another day or two. Got a book from one of the stores, The Complete Bladesmith, had a lot of useful hints."


I was reading a book called "Island in the sea of time" by S.M. Stirling when I spotted this. In the book, in 1998, some supernatural event occurs and the whole of Nantucket island gets sent back to the bronze age. A lot of the book is about using the resources that came with the island to survive in this new (old) world, and one of the characters is a blacksmith who starts making swords and armor from the spring steel supply the islands machine shop has available.

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