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steven smith

Several knives

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Hello everyone, its been a while since ive finished anything but ive been in a pretty good mood lately (usually) and im not dreading the huge amounts of time spent sanding that comes with making multiple knives at once. Im trying to make better quality stuff as well but it takes about four times as long because im not as good at this as im trying to be and im constantly trying different finishes or redoing something I messed up.

There are a few knives here that still need to be glued and their pins need to be peened on but I really want to make sure everything is done before I do that, but those are pretty small steps that will be dealt with soon so I figured I would go ahead and share these. 

As is usual for me, im constantly fighting with technology so im stuck posting through instagram, im not super familiar with it so bare with me...

This little knife was forged from 1/4" music wire, which is something like 1080/1095. Its a very slim three finger sized integral with a tapered tang and a concave distal taper, the handle is sepele with stainless pins. It has a few forging marks but ive only got a 10% or less success rate with mini integrals, you have to forge them near perfect. It has a 5 1/4" blade with a 3" handle.

This next knife is forged 1080, it has a concave distal taper and a nice thin blade, the handle is mesquite with a stainless guard, steel pin, and copper spacers. There are pins going from the handle into the guard, I forget what those are called but they make the handle very solid. 5 1/4" blade and 4 3/8" handle. I really like this style of blade with no plunge at the ricasso.


There are two knives in this post, hopefully you can click through them, if not I can take separate pictures to share them.

First is a japanese fantasy hybrid thing, 1080 steel with a fuller and a dark vinegar patina, the blade is a little over 4 1/4" and a bit thicker than 1/8" on the flat but it tapers to a nice thin point, the handle is just under 4" the wood is ipe with a leather wrap and its got a copper spacer and minimal guard. Its sharp, it would be a fantastic little fighting knife, it has a zero edge with a convex grind and the handle wrap locks into my hand perfectly. I dont normally do the pancake sheaths but its okay, I prefer something slimmer.

The second knife is another japanese fusion fantasy piece, but just barely, its almost more of a bowie. More 1080 steel with a concave taper, convex zero edge, steel guard with brass and copper spacers and pin. 6 1/5" blade and about 4 1/2" ipe handle, this blade is about 1/4" thick at the guard but it tapers pretty quick for 1/5ish of the blade then the taper mellows out before another quick taper near the tip, the concave taper is sort of like a flat taper but with more thickness at the base of the blade. Im going to flare out the brass tube in the pin hole and then peen the copper pin in that, ive done it before and it should look nice. The scabbard has a thin plywood core with a stitched and glued leather wrap and a friction fit frog.

Thats it for now, I think I have a couple more to put up tomorrow.

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Okay, here are the rest, in one instagram post.

Theres a mini bowie with a san mai blade, its music wire with low carbon steel on the sides, I think id like to use something tougher for san mai, plus this low carbon stuff seems to rust easily. The guard is bronze, the spacer is african blackwood, and the handle is mesquite burl with a C/A glue finish. OAL is 6" with 2" handle. The proportions are a little off for a miniature, maybe, but I think its nice.

Also another miniature with a stock removal hollow ground blade with a convex tip and tiny fuller, its 1/16" 1075. Handle is mesquite burl with a bronze guard and a sewing pin for the handle pin. Its pretty much got a zero edge for the hollow ground portion and the clip. 4" blade with 1 1/2" handle. It has a walnut veneer core scabbard reinforced with sewing thread and wrapped with thin leather. It might get a frog for the sheath or ill make it into a neck knife.

Last is a recurve thing with a spatulate tip, the steel is coil spring, mesquite handle, and copper guard and pin. With a mustard patina, this thing is made for outdoor fun, I find this style handle to be very comfortable. 4 3/4" blade and 4" handle, the blade is 4mm thick tapering down to 1mm with a rounded spine. Sorry for mixing inches and MM, my calipers are misbehaving.

So thats where im at with my knives. Ive started flintknapping as well which has helped with my mood overall, its nice to have constant failures, cuts, and bruises. I am riding my bike often with 20 or more pounds of rocks in my backpack for as many miles, when a piece fails I just think "dang, that wasnt a good rock" or if it is a good rock im not too concerned because even when I dont get anything done its still super satisfying. The tools are easy to make and the history is wonderful to dwell on, I might share a bit of that as im sure some people would be interested, but its very tricky and I break so many points. I think I want to start water quenching some blades as well,  I have too many because nothing breaks in canola oil.

Any comments or questions are welcome,  or if you think something is horrible let me know, ill keep my weird knife philosophies to myself. 

Im still not marking my blades, I really dont want to but I think I should, im very conflicted.

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