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Hanson abalone gent's w/filework

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...and that describes it well. It's smaller and thinner than most of the work Don has done, and so the level of detail is that much MORE engaging. :eek:




Signature mosaic blade and bolsters. No stone left unturned. Just.... wow!



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:35: It is a masterpiece :35:

The mosaic damascus is exellent and the abalone handle is stunning.

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Thanks for the comments guys, they are much appreciated. Coop did a fantastic job with this image. This one is a little over the top for my tastes also but the customer wanted lots of filework, gold, mosaic damascus and abalone, so I fixed him right up. It's much smaller than it looks, blade is 3'', handle is 3 1/2'' long, it's 3/8'' wide from top to bottom at the front bolster and a little over 1/4'' thick. The pivot screw is a 1-72 and the others are 0-80 for size comparison.


Regards, Don H.

Edited by Don Hanson
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