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Steve Adams

Vintage anvil - can anyone help

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Hi guys,

I've just picked up a new - old - anvil here in Wales, UK, and I've been directed here by some blacksmiths as the place to go for any insights into age, maker etc. All I know is it is old - it's been suggested to me that it might be 18th century, and possibly a Mousehole, but I have literally no idea. Any insights or info would be gratefully received. Thanks.

The working face is 11.5 inches long and 5.5 inches wide, the bick is another six inches. The anvil is 11 or 12 inches tall. It has four feet and the body is pretty roughly made. There are no obvious markings - at least none that I can see. 







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Nice one!  That said, with no markings all I can tell you is it's English, most likely from the Black Country, and with the vestigial fifth foot and no pritchel hole, plus the short horn/bick, it dates between around 1720-1790-ish.  Could be a Mousehole, they started in the mid-1600s, but so did a lot of others.  With no markings there's no telling, at least as far as I know.  Someone else may, of course.

Lovely old anvil, regardless.

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Great. Thanks, Alan. The more I'm learning, the more incredible this becomes. I'm struggling to get my head around the fact it's 200-300 years old and in such great condition. It's going to be a privilege to work on it once I get it mounted. I can't begin to imagine all the smiths who have worked it, and all the work they will have created on it. I feel honoured to be part of that long line (albeit the least talented). Really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Thanks, Steve

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