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Heat treating a chisel grind

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Hi all, I forged my first chisel ground blade, a chef's knife, is there any noticable difference in the heat treatment? I'm wondering about the possibility of warping in one direction or another due to the asymmetrical geometry.

The knife in question, in case anyone wants a peak.


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The only chisel ground kitchen knife I did was in W2 and clayed for a hamon and it did not warp. Even so, a softer spine makes straightening a breeze. But an asymmetrical grind indeed does increase chances of warpage.

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8 hours ago, Garry Keown said:

Grinding after HT should take care of that

Yep, except when you want a hamon or just when you use a shallow hardening steel. 

Also @Bob Ouellette traditionally, this blade type has a slight hollow on the other side. Without it, sharpening is a bit awkward.


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