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Copper Chasing and Repousse for Tea Tool - Chinese Called “茶则 "  Cha Ze

If you are interested, and want to know what is the Chinese Cha Ze ( Tea Tool ) , i will explain it more here. 

What's more, long time not be here. much miss you here. 

9dragon metalwork studio (1).png


9dragon metalwork studio (2).png


9 dragon metal work studio (2).jpg    9 dragon metal work studio (1).jpg


The below photo just for show you how will the Cha Ze use. 

use of Cha Ze.jpg

Any input please. 





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On 8/14/2019 at 12:38 AM, Jonathanbradshaw said:

Stunning. I’ve never worked with copper. Maybe one day. 

Please tell more about the Cha Ze

Thank you Jonathan Bradshaw , Copper is the most standard materials in China for the Chasing and Repousse work. 


Jonathan Bradshaw here is About Cha Ze,  

Cha Ze, as a kind of tea set of han nationality, had a name in tang dynasty. 

茶道六君子包括 茶匙 (Cha Shi )、茶针( Cha Zhen )、茶漏 (Cha Lou )、茶夹 ( Cha Jia )、茶则 ( Cha Ze ) 、茶桶 ( Cha Tong )。

Cha Ze is one of the six functions of the tea ceremony of the han nationality. It is a measuring device for the tea powder to be added into the soup when the tea is cooked and tasted by the han people.In the tea ceremony, when tea is taken out of the pot and placed in the tea pot or teapot, it is measured when needed.



5'  茶则 ( Cha Ze )

Tea is usually used with a teaspoon. When we take tea, we use tea to get tea leaves, and then use a teaspoon to slowly divide into the teapot, and then we can brew.The purpose of using tea is to precisely control the amount of tea, and to prevent the tea from being polluted by us.


6'  茶桶 ( Cha Tong )

Detong, is used to store tea utensils.For example, pu 'er tea can be completely put into a detong after tea needles are decomposed into tea leaves that can be brewed. Detong has a good sealing property, which can effectively avoid the contamination of dust and water.


4'  茶夹 ( Cha Jia )

Tea clip, if you think that the tea clip is used to take tea is a big mistake, the tea clip is used to take tea bowl utensils, so as to avoid hot tea bowl, second to avoid hand contamination of the tea bowl.That's interesting.


3'  茶漏 (Cha Lou )

The tea drain is a tool to separate the tea from the tea in the brewing process. Its usage is very simple. It is used to filter the tea between the teapot and the tea bowl.Simple to use, but quite practical.The diagram below.


2'  茶针( Cha Zhen )

Tea needle, is a kind of decomposition pu 'er tea cake.We use the hand break open the tea cake, one is not sanitary, two is very difficult to separate delicate, so with the tea needle can be very good puer tea cake into tea can be brewed.The following picture shows the process of tea needle dividing pu 'er tea.


1'  茶匙 (Cha Shi )

A teaspoon is a tool for dividing tea. Avoid grabbing tea leaves with your hands.The name suggests that a spoon is a tool for scooping up objects, and a teaspoon is designed to divide tea, but the spoon is generally used in conjunction with tea.Here's how to use a teaspoon.



Sorry if there are something not clear and you want to figure it out. please let me know i will try the best. 


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On 8/14/2019 at 3:06 AM, Alan Longmire said:

Welcome back, Charles!  Very nice work, as always.  

Alan, much thanks, as always 

On 8/18/2019 at 9:57 PM, Justin Mercier said:

Beautiful work.  What thickness was the starting sheet copper?

It is 1.2mm thickness 

On 8/15/2019 at 1:51 AM, Robert D. said:

That is some seriously cool work there, as others have said, the detail on that is impressive to say the least. 

thanks Robert 

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