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Local wildlife

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Hi Guys. I have been out and away in the wild places and thought I would like to share some photos. Would love to see any wildlife pics from your area and know what gear you use. I use a Canon 7D mkii and 80D and Tamron 150-600mm lens









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You always post outstanding wildlife pics, and these are just stunning. What is the third from the bottom?

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Hi Josh. It is a Mertens Water Monitor Lizard. Endangered now due to the introduction of the cane toad. Here is another pic


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On 8/16/2019 at 7:53 PM, Rob Toneguzzo said:

Endangered now due to the introduction of the cane toad.

A toad that kills lizards? Whoda thought?

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Rob, Your photographic skills look very professional! 

These animals live out in my back yard. First photo is of Big Red's hind end and her first set of twins born in September of 2017. Big Red had a second set of twins born last year in September also. Lucky the bull was the father of the first set of twins and Short Round was the father of the second set of twins. I'm expecting Big Red to birth sometime this month. Hope she just has one this time but it won't surprise me if she has twins again. Guess you could call her the golden cow. 

My photo skills are close to none. I use a Canon with what it just came with.




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Big Red did it again with another set of twins this morning however before I spotted Big Red I noticed a coyote along the outer edge of the blackberry forrest. Then I spotted a second coyote with a pup. It looked like they were having a meal and my wife thought they had caught a rabbit. Turns out it was one of the twins about a third of the way eaten when I got to it. Nature in action. Probably best for mother cow to only provide for one calf. 

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