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Two oblique bearded axes - replicas

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Some time ago I came back to a model of an axe found in Lipowiec (Southern Poland). I took some pictures during work and I'd like to show the tools I used to forge it. You can see them on the picture at the vice. Another picture shows an anvil, power hammer and coke forge and the mentioned vice on the right side. I also used mig welder and belt grinder plus angle grinder.

Axes were forged of wrought iron and a strap of 80CrV2 on the cutting adges. They came out slightly different despite I tried to make them same :rolleyes: One weights 402g (0.886 lb) another one weights 462g (1,018 lb). One was made for my cousin another just in case something went wrong. Luckily both are fine, so the heavier one will be put for sale soon.

I showed on photos the momnets of upseting the bar for the beard - to make the nice flow of the wrought fibres.


Oblique bearded axes 1.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 2.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 3.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 4.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 5.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 6.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 7.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 8.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 9.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 10.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 11.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 12.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 17.JPG

Oblique bearded axes 18.JPG


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5 hours ago, Ibor said:

A i kuźnia niczego sobie...nad wejściem "znaczący" symbol!!!

Co to za symbol? Jakie jest znaczenie?

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The "symbol" is just to make the construction stronger like hanged bridges. If it's got any meaning it came out unintentionally, actually accidentally. :)

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