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Clip toturial?


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Is this the one you are looking for?


Kevin Cashen - Forging





No thats not what I was looking for, but it was interesting just the same. Thanks. The one I was looking for was more on grindig, or filing in the false edge on the clip after forgiing and initial grinding. Oh well, I guess I can figure it out myself. I'll probably file it in. Its going to be a long curved false edge on a big persian style fighter. But thanks anyway.


Tony G

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I vaguely recall a thread where someone asked if it worked better to hammer them in or grind after the quench. The consensus was that, IF, they were put in on one side only, like many of the antique bowies, it was better to grind after heat treat. I would just draw file them, it will give you nice, crisp, lines, it is fast and easy to control.

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