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This Arab Fighter is 11 1/4" overall with a 6 1/4" blade which is 1" wide. The blade is forged from a coil spring. The grip is amber & deer femur. The amber is from an old necklace and the deer was taken by a friend of mine. The guard is some old scrap nickel silver and the pommel is quarter mokume.

This is my entry of the Primal Fires KITH.


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I'll be the first to chime in and say, you need to post a better photo, but the blade shape is really pleasant

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Thanks she cuts like crazy. And it’s at least mostly the camera. I bought this thing about 7 years ago before they even advertised mega pixels.



Thanks, there should not be a hamon. I think it's a trick of the light. I tried to do a differential quench and I got some interesting warpage. I straightened it out and did a full quench with no problems at all.

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Well I got a good camera and

I still can't get real good pictures.

I tried to make a light box like

Don showed. All pictures turned

out with a yellow tint. Think I

got the wrong fluorescence bulbs.

It seems that it's harder to take

good pictures then to make the



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