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School fun

Mike Ward

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So the university that I go to has finally bought a pneumatic power hammer, press, and forge that they’ve been talking about for the past 3 years. My prof and the lab technician were firing it up last Friday and invited me to suit up and test it all out. And I found that I REALLY REALLY REALLY like power hammers :D.


I used the power hammer to flatten a 3/8 rebar piece in one heat. Bc it’s pneumatic, I had a ton of control over how hard it hit.


They were thinking of making a little club type thing for hitting metal every week.

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Naw it’s Trine University. Idk if WMU even has a foundry, I live close to Kalamazoo and I haven’t heard anything. And I don’t know haha I’m hoping I can make at least billets of Damascus or break down large pieces bc there’s a no weapons making policy. I’ve already tried the “cutlery” loophole with no luck.

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