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File to use with a knife making jig

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I would go with a 12" Double Cut Coarse Mill Bastard for most of the cutting.  Once most of the cutting is done, swap out to a single cut medium and then maybe a fine to start smoothing out the rough cuts.  Make sure you get a file card and clean the file OFTEN, otherwise you will gall the hell out of the knife, which is frustrating.

*EDIT* - Buy nice files.  Don't buy crappy ones from Home Depot.  Something like PFerd or Simonds...

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I stated with a 10" course bastard from the hardware store (Nicholson). It worked, but took a long time. I then upgraded to a 14" course bastard I ordered off Amazon. Also a Nicholson. Not only is it longer, but also a a lot wider. It  easily removes twice as much as the 10" per stroke. Tempting to go longer, but with the size of the jig I made, I would not. I think 14" is a as long as I can get and still be able to get a good full stroke. So keep in mind the size of your jig as you look at longer files.

Also, Nicholson receive a lot of critism on the net. I have not had issues. They are significantly cheaper than the other file brands and mine all remove metal. I'm not saying the people with more experience and better files are wrong- I'm just saying as a beginner they are adequate. Especially until you decide if you want to stick with the hobby.


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