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Holdfast not holding at all....?

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My neighbour (around the corner and a few houses down) is a backyard blacksmith busy learning and improving his skills, I've bought and been gifted several tongs from him which has been a great help!

We do some projects together more for the fun and at times where it helps if somebody is holding.

Nevermind the project, but he decided I need a holdfast.  He's made several, and not one has worked so far.

I have a proper anvil while he uses something put together from railroad track with various bits welded on......works well enough for him and each and every holdfast.

Going by the pictures I've googled and seeing it work on his anvil I understand how it's supposed to wedge in place, but we're both baffled by why it doesn't on my anvil.

Any ideas?

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Probably the length of the hole in your anvil is throwing off the angle of the arm required for it to be springy.  For example, I made a holdfast for a small 100lb Columbian anvil that worked fine.  The pritchel hole was around 2.5cm deep.  That same holdfast doesn't work at all in my 220lb Refflinghaus with its 10cm deep pritchel.  Try adjusting the angle of the arm, it will eventually work.

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Thank you Alan, never would've thought that......we can trim and test.

On 9/6/2019 at 8:02 PM, Gerald Boggs said:

Allow me to add the humor to this thread:  If it's not holding, is it really a Holdfast?

Plural......several attempts.....Holdnaughts? :D

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