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Old school traditional japanese tool

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I know how to make it and use it but I cant seem to find the name for it.
the closest I've come was "togi-ban"-sharpening board, makes sense but...I don't trust google translate with Japanese.
anyone know the name, for certain?
info: this tool is used for rougher grinding to form the ura "hollow back" of japanese tools. 


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Its a sen dai (I think) or a staple vise, they are fantastic for holding blades with no flats and draw filing bevels as well as polishing. The wooden wedges conform to the work piece and can grip very well. They can also hold flat pieces. 

The scraping tool is called a sen, they seem to remove metal quickly but I haven't managed to make a good one yet. 

If anyone ever finds themselves struggling to hold a blade down with c-clamps they should try a staple vise.

if I am wrong you might ask "Isalandblacksmith", I can't remember his username here but he is on Instagram. I think he would know.

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yea its similar in theory to a sen dai except it works the other way around and is hand held but for all I know it could be that both the hand board and the ground sitting beam are simply called sen dai.

yea im familiar with Dave from the crossheart forge aka islandblacksmith, he has already answered and advised me a couple of times, without him and John Burt I never would've build a fuigo

@steven smith I haven't reach the stage of making sen yet but I've heard them say that for effective sen scraping you need to "break up/disrupt" the layer of hard forge scale and of course it needs to be as annealed as can be.
there might be something with edge geometry but as far as I learned its flat back and 20-30 bevel.

I was planing to make the tool from the pics then make sen scrapers with that tool, then a nice heavy beam for a sen dai.

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