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Fuel costs too much...

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Hey everyone. I posted that i got my forge made and everything before, but now im figuring out that im using a bag of charcoal every time i smith, wich is expensive, so i cant smith that often. any ideas?



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you could try coal ive gotten 50 lb bags for $15.00 i personaly enjoy using coal... B)



ya i think coal is cheaper and burns longer because its more dense, the drawback would be possible large sulfur deposits which isnt the best thing on a piece of metal. You can also make charcoal heres a site to show ya how.




hope it helps!


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I just make my own charcoal. The cost of coal is one of the main reasons I switched to charcoal in the first place. Getting 50 lbs bags of coal for $12 or $15 is pretty expensive when it costs another $25 to ship it. I got coal locally far less expensive but none of it was very good and I still had the bother of having to go get it.


Of course, living someplace where I can light big fires helps. If I lived in the city they probably wouldn't apreciate my charcoal making.

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I forge with coal too. I like to make a nice hot fire. It is getting expensive when you have to buy a bag of coal every time. So you could make your own.

The above described way is off course a superior way of making coal but there are other ways. You can make good coal with only nature and a ligther.

If you dig a hole in the ground set up a nice campfire and cover that with wood you want coal of. Then trhrow big leaves over it to cover the whole think and then top that with the sand you removed for the hole. And then just wait. Once you remove the sand you will find nice coal. The coal is then formed becuase you removed the O2. This will cause the wood to not burn completly away but form coal.


I don't do it anymore because of lack of space and my neighbours. But it's very cheap to make it like that and easy. I think in the past the people could have used the same type of coal making. But i am not sure :P

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