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Kitchen Knives and Bistro Set

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It has been ages since I have posted here. I have been getting into local markets to sell some of my knives and other forged things, so I've been making some kitchen knives. They are much more popular than my utility knives and historical/fantasy stuff, although my folders sell well too. Most of the kitchen knives were forged from 1095. I got them really thin, too. I made these knives a bit too triangular, they were all from the same forging session. Usually there is more of a drop point quality to kitchen knives so the handle and edge are more parallel. The handles are all stabilized woods, micarta, and g10.


My favorite handle combo so far was this circuit board spacer/micarta. The board is from old ATM boards, so the copper and solder bits are thicker, making it pop.


I also got a scholarship from NCABANA to do a damascus class. I took one of Joe Szilaski's classes, it was a really fun trip to NY and back.


A rusty rustic  swiveling bistro set I made from some old farm stuff (not meant to stay outside)



... and a meme for y'all seax aficionados


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1 hour ago, Joël Mercier said:

Beautiful work sir!

Edit: I have a question: how do you grind your bevels? They seem a bit convex right?

Correct. They are a little convex. I start with a jig that I made for getting most of the material at the edge removed. I forged these thin enough that I was able to heat treat them before grinding the bevel. I use a jig because that keeps me from slipping and accidentally getting 36 grit gouges on the forge finished part. With the bevels flat ground most of the way, I then use higher grit belts freehand because the bevel is already established. I grind at an angle on the platen, and with the nature of freehand grinding, it's pretty much impossible to get a perfect flat grind.

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