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Iron powder vs. Steel powder -what is it?!

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10 minutes ago, Alan Longmire said:

"The Knight and the Blast Furnace" is on my list, but it's a bit pricey... $405 - $599 on Amazon. 

I've been wanting to get my hands on a copy of that book for years now. The price is awfully prohibitive.

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wow this thread evolved well in my absence, so much information :D

I've since mixed up a cup of test flux made from borax and iron powder(Fe)(?)
tested on red heat about 700-800 degrees Celsius.
It took awhile to find the right ratio, if I had too much iron powder, the flux wouldn't stick and instead lift itself off the steel.
I sadly couldn't tell you the ratio, I just kept adding borax to the iron powder and testing it continuously until it, instead of lifting itself off, formed a solid glassy black coating.

Im assuming that's good but I have very little reference for how this type of flux should behave.

if you're interested in Chinese forge work, have you heard about the Chinese Swordsmith who uses human bones?
he says it gives them a special "aura" and vikings did the same believing it imbued their swords with "magic,"
magic like, stronger, tougher, longer sharp.
sounds to me like carbon!
link to the video:


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14 hours ago, Gerald Boggs said:

If you just want to read it, try your local state university. 

True. With my wife being a professor, ILL is for a whole semester.  But, seems we checked a while back and nobody would lend it.  

J. Leon, yes, I have heard of that.  The carbon from bone wouldn't do anything the charcoal doesn't, and the added phosphorus wouldn't help.  Magic and mojo, however, may apply! ;)

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On 9/21/2019 at 8:24 AM, Alan Longmire said:

  But, seems we checked a while back and nobody would lend it. 

Checked and UVA doesn't have a copy.  Which would be the first time I've looked for a book and they didn't have it.  It must of had a very small printing and poor sales in the start.

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Dang it, Skip, I got all excited when it listed the UT-Knoxville library as having a copy.  Then I remembered they were one of the institutions that would not let it go via ILL, plus it's checked out internally until 11/30 anyway. BUT!  A good list, I'll see what my faculty spouse can do with the other ones...


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