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Something new for me.

Matthew Parkinson

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For many years now I was business partners with Peter Swarz-Burt and watched him making wootz . I learned a ton from him over the years. Well Peter left the shop last June,moved to HI infact.  After peter left I got an order for a wootz knife . There  were a few bars laying around I could use so I took the job.. the bars failed .. so I began my dissent into wootz making . This is the first piece completed from My wootz 


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That is some seriously gorgeous work Matt!  I love all of the dark pantinas; that hits on all cylinders for me.  That steel is fantastic!

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."  -Albert Camus


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I caught glimpses of this in process on FB. What a journey it was. That came out spectacular Matt.

“So I'm lightin' out for the territory, ahead of the scared and the weak and the mean spirited, because Aunt Sally is fixin’ to adopt me and civilize me, and I can't stand it. I've been there before.”

The only bad experience is the one from which you learn nothing.  





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I saw this one unfold over on Instagram, and I think it is absolutely fantastic! I am amazed about that false edge and ofcourse the wootz

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