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Micarta for Friction Folder Stop Pin?


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I really don't know, but just thinking out loud here for a minute. Micarta is a fairly brittle material and not what I would want either a harder substance, or a blade edge, hitting repeatedly or pressing on, over time. This is why I never peen pins over micarta, I'm afraid it will crack from the pressure, either during the process or from constant pressure over time.

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Also just thinking out loud, I think a 1/8" pin is way too small in micarta.  A 1/4" pin might stand up better, even though it would look huge.  If you already have the 1/8" micarta pin stock, try laying a short piece across a vise open 1/8" wide.  Then take you blade material and press down on the pin.  I'm betting it snaps pretty easily.  It should, since in that test it can flex.  Then think about the flexing of the whole thing in use.  1/8" scales are pretty bendy.  

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Thank you for the responses. Both your concerns are exactly mine. I already had doubts. I guess I will go with the more logical approach of drilling blind holes for the stop pin to achieve the same affect, but with the expected strength.



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