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Lin Rhea demo

Gerhard Gerber

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This was my home entertainment last night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoG--K_UGHQ

I'm eternally grateful they made and shared this video, the demo was in the next country down, I could've stayed for free with family but it's still 2000Km away, I've been working half day for a year now and I have 0.63 days' leave :wacko:

I've made three similar blacksmith's knives, for sure inspired by his X-Rhea model, and I saw exactly where all my mistakes are.

I'll not even start on the shortcomings of my forging technique, and even though I forged good knives from 52100 with a unique handle treatment, they are sitting un-marketed on my kitchen counter.

I've wasted time and material on two sheaths so far and I'm just not happy with the results, and I now know that despite being ergonomically sound my guard is too long and positioned incorrectly.  This leads to the sheath problem......

It's a pity about the three knives, not like I don't have enough laying around unsold, but I'm thankful for the learning and bursting with ideas to improve.

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It takes some time to work through the learning curve in design and execution, sometimes by having to physically make things to "see" them well.....then you can see what you want to change. Forge on!

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