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Need some information on short seax knives

Conner Michaux

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If that’s even a thing. I’ve read through most of the pinned topics on seax knives lots of great info in there, but I haven’t found mixing info on short seax knives, I don’t even know if they exist or not.


i would like to embark on the journey of making a seax, modeled after a historical example (the pictures of old rusty seax knives) 

ive seen one or two pictures, and from what I’ve seen the shorter seaxes have very aggressive broken backs. 

is there a website I can go to with lots of those? 




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If you have FB, join "seax files" group. 

I'm not sure about english, or anglo-saxon types, but here are some examples of smallseax from the files of that page. I'd say more, but I cant read the German. 

They all pretty much look like that on the continent. I think there are examples of very short broken backs in fact I have one in mind. I'd have to go find it. 








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Ok, more pics with measurements. 

This one from Ronald Williamson 20191005_224654.jpg

This one in a comment from George Eizel 


This one a photo from Patrick Woodruff 


Andrew Welton posted this. It's not a smallseax, but Its close I think. 


This one I think was George's too. 


I think that first link was from Jerroen. 


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If you couldn't tell I've got nothing better to do... 

Some interesting stuff about knife length according to gender and age at burial. 


I dont recall who posted that, so just know that it wasn't me, and any more info you have to go look for before I get into trouble. 

Sheaths varied as well. Female owned sheaths had a different suspension. Usually one point of suspension rather than two or three. I THINK. Dont quote me on that. 

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