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I think that's a cricket term, and not a good one....


A lady friend loved a WIP photo so much she commissioned a knife, since this was a large'ish hunting knife I asked if the knife was for her, or her boyfriend, as well as what element she liked most....


Turns out she wants to treat herself, and what she liked most was, I smurf you not, the "cloudy bit on top end of the blade"

That "cloudy bit" is scratched engineers marking blue..... :ph34r:


Next question was favourite colour, green, and green I can do.  I have a limited supply of green wool material left that makes the most wonderful micarta, it looks like emerald with a high polish....

Then she threw the curve ball, she has a thing for crosses....


I've had exactly two ideas, firstly and completely unoriginal is having crosses laser etch somewhere.

Second idea is a dagger with  micarta handle and guard, and the sheath from the same micarta so it forms a cross when sheathed.  The big problem I have with this is the knife is completely impractical except if she feels like stabbing somebody :lol:


I'm fishing for ideas, how else can you incorporate the cross design on a knife?

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Integral cross guard, with center fuller ?    Not sure what type of blade design you are shooting for?  Or acid etched cross along length of blade, David Boye  style? Or mosaic cross pins, or handle emlem or carving?

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Hi Bruno


The blade she liked is a rather generic looking hunting knife with a straight clip, initially I wanted to scale it down 2/3'rds and modify the handle shape a bit, she doesn't want a kitchen knife but said she might use it in the kitchen occasionally. 

1 hour ago, Bruno said:

 Or mosaic cross pins, 


Thanks, I'm percolating that idea a bit.....

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Does she want the cross obvious, or can it be hidden? I've done holy symbols on the tangs of swords so the only people that will ever know it's there are me, the customer, and whoever finds the sword in 200 years after the grip has fallen apart. Some like that idea, some don't. If obvious is the answer, an etched cross in a fuller is kind of a nice look. The dagger sounds like a good idea too, especially with brass bolsters/guard to really bring out the green. There's a great catalogue online of all the daggers in the Metropolitan Muesum of Art, which shows a crazy amount of variation.

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what about engraving the cross into the handle scales and using a complimentary color like gold or silver dye in the resin...I'm pretty sure that would contrast very well with the green micarta

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First thing that came to mind was doing a cross emblem inlay in the handle. 



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To put the cross in the handle, either inlay a bit of metal or carve it into the micarta and fill with a colored epoxy. Sand flush.

To put the cross into the blade, cut the cross out of anything that is a peel & stick sheet. Stick it onto the blade. Now paint the entire blade with a resist (nail polish works really well).

Peel the sticker off and etch in acid. Clean the resist off (acetone) and presto! An etched cross in the steel.

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Thanks for all the ideas!


I need to run the dagger idea by her......

She's not down-the-deep-end religious, she just has a thing for (Christian) crosses and he whole house is full of them, arty-farty handmade ones etc etc.


I'm considering two options, making 1 or 2 mosaic pins (if you can call it that) using half inch copper pipe......no ideas on how to do a cross inside that.

Second and much easier is incorporating two metal crosses when making the micarta, will be tricky to line up the scales but saves a few steps I've (also) never tried before....

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16 hours ago, Dave Brownson Jr. said:

How about if you just tool a cross on the sheath? 


What do knife makers love the most? Our knives being used (after we've been paid :P )


The way I see it she might end up with this ornament in her house hiding a knife, or I could make her the best knife in her kitchen......


I know this might be a sensitive subject for a woman, but I'm going to push for a kitchen knife simply because I've been using one of my own rejects in the kitchen and it's a revelation....


So the sheath will be the best part of the cross...or no sheath at all :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Turns out, she and the BF had broken up.......:(


.......but now they're back together, so I get to make two knives! :lol:


I drew up 3 handle designs, she picked my favourite, and they will be the same basic design in different sizes, her's with a cross inlaid on the micarta.


From making slots for tangs in micarta I seriously doubt my skill and equipment to get that done properly, so my planned work around is to make the micarta with the crosses in there and then figure out how to fit them to the handle.


Since my speed has been established this should be at least 40 hours' work, I can't help wonder when these will be done......


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