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Hey guys! I found this in the parking lot at work. It doesn't oxidize. It's very brittle (smashed it with a hammer) and smooth feeling. 



As an aside, I think I'm going to try panning for gold in the creek on my parent's property. I have found traces of it before, and my dad claims to have found a nugget. Research says the james river is still producing gold. 


I read that garnets are very common in the area. I think I'd like to try sieving for that too maybe come spring/summer. I found genuine napable jasper in my buddy's creek (unlike the quartzite I found prior) also lots of purple shale or slate (whatever its called) around and lots of quarts and obsidian, so I think it'd be a prime spot If I could con him into coming with me at the risk of looking like idiots in front of the neighbors. I guess id need to look in the low spots and traps at the bends to up my chances since heavier stones sink. 

Anyone try this? 

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3 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

That looks a lot like metallurgical coke.  Lightweight,  silvery? Has a ring to it?

Could be I guess. I've never seen coke so silvery though. Nothing about it is gray. It looks like aluminium. It doesnt crumble necessarily, but more of a shatter. It's not graphite I dont think. It's not dark enough, and you cant write with it. I guess I should heat it? 

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I have massive chunks of something similar. except its very heavy, shatters when struck very very hard, doesnt oxidize either, conducts electricity but nonmagnetic. My HS teachers husband was a geologist and he couldnt reasonably ID it. Figured it was maybe meteor but never got a definite answer. This wasnt porous though.

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