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Looking for information on these shorter viking age sax/swords

Zeb Camper

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Hey guys, I've spent a few hours searching now, and found one picture with a scale bar. I did a down& dirty multiplication of the measurement of the blade length and I came up with an approximate measurement of 62cm. 


Does anyone have more information? 







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The first image you show is Jorgensen's seax type 4:


Sax4: OAL 68-99 cm, Blade L 51-85, W 5-5.9, Ratio blade L/W 12.6

8th C, here the only continental parallels are in north Germany/Austria, this is where the Scandinavian saxes split off at the start of the Viking era.


More types and size ranges can be found in Jeff Pringle's post here: 


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Jeroen Zuiderwijk

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/barbarianmetalworking

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Thank you! 

And so, one can infer that the hilted sax being the shortest blade was 51 cm, and 5.5 (ish) cm wide? 


I think I over estimate the size of pic#3 (in the book) I think the handle is closer to 9cm. I need to remeasure. If I could identify one of the other swords for a reference that'd be great.

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