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Grinder enclosure

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I'm not sure where this actually belongs, but this channel seems like the best fit to me...


Some time back, (probably earlier this year - I think), someone posted a few photos of how they enclosed their 2X72 grinder to reduce dust floating in the air. Their reason was that other people had access to the area, and the OP didn't want them to have to put up with all the metal dust. He enclosed the grinder and added some dust collection ports. I'd like to d o something similar, but have been unable to find that thread. I have searched numerous times over the last few months, but I don't really know what search terms to use.


I'd really like some guidance so I can start working on knives again. I am also considering getting some metal ducting and some vortex type fittings to shoot the hot bits of metal into a water filled bucket. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanx Jerrod. That's not the one I remember, but there is a lot of good info in it.


And thanx Alan. This is not the one either, but more good info even if this is way beyond my capabilities.


The one I remember was built from acrylic if I remember correctly. At any rate, I now have something to go on and will probably build an enclosure with plywood. Should I line it with sheet metal?

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Personally, Ron, I don't see any reason to do that..................but guess the plywood will really get grungy inside.  Lining it with sheet metal might make it easier to maintain because it would be so easy to wipe down.

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Guest johnparet

Angle Grinder's enclosure is great. I would love to recommend you to get an angle grinder for cutting because it is very easy to handle.

Here are the top 10 list of [deleted spam link]  



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It used to be easier.  I check every IP address before approving a member.  Once upon a time this allowed me to weed out the known trouble spots.  Now, the bad guys have the ability to spoof addresses.  "John" here showed up as being on an Atlanta, GA server, but his self-given location was NYC.  He was busy pasting his angle grinder rating spam page all over the forum, this one is the only one I left up since it's the only one that had a response.  He probably works for some search engine optimization service and gets paid by the click.  Assuming the link wasn't one of those that install malware to begin with.  

The global availability of gmail accounts has also made it harder to spot the fakes.  I do have a few tricks left, though!  

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18 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

I do have a few tricks left, though!  


I would like to take the opportunity to thank the admins for the hard work they do keeping this site clean. I dont know diddly about this kind of stuff, but I imagine it's difficult and relentless. 


So thanks, guys. 

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