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Been a while since I have posted anything. I wanted to share a few knives I've since sent out. Sorry for poor photos. The first was a filet knife. Forged from 52100 with a stainless spacer. The handle was stabilized teak burl. I put a mustard patina on the blade. The second was a 4.5" trailing point skinner. I left the forged finish on it. It was forged from 1095, hollow ground with a maple handle and stainless pin. Both recieved #kydex sheaths, I'd really like to do some leather though in the near future. Ive been real busy but I have a few projects on deck that I'll be sharing more of. Of course all comments and criticisms are welcome.






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Is there a reason fr the big step dow from the handle to the spine of the fillet knife Scott. I havent see one done like that before.

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Hey Garry,


The customer asked for a ricasso area because he likes to hold that area while cleaning fish. I find it ugly myself but they were very happy. They use it mainly for processing catfish.

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