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Christmas KITH Bowie WIP

Will Wilcox

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Alright gents, here we go.


I'm going for something a little different. I'm going to try to do a blacksmiths bowie with an integral D guard, all one piece. Roughly a 7 inch blade, 4.5 inch long handle. I have a piece of .75" square stock 1080 from Aldo on it's way for this project :)


It's going to be tricky. I need like 20 inches of "tang" to wrap it all the way around. Going to be lots of drawing out for this one, all by hand too.


I believe 1080 takes a decent hamon, no? I may give that a try on this one :ph34r:.


The grip of the knife will also be wrapped in leather, though I didn't draw that in. 


I made a preliminary drawing of the knife and sheath, but I'm not much of an artist, so forgive me lol.


The sheath will have a hawk tooled into the face, as well as a belt loop with a snap for quick attachment to a belt, and loops with snaps to hold the blade in. 


Wish me luck! 





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Havent gotten much done on this. Been toying with other things. But tomorrow will be forging day for this project. 


I ordered a 40 inch bar, got the piece for this knife cut off, 10 inches long. Volume calculations say that this will be plenty of material. Hopefully I dont lose more to scale then I accounted for :wacko: lol.



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Well unfortunately, I'll have to drop out of this christmas KITH. Between the issues winter brings, and a lot of other things that have come up lately, I havent gotten much shop time in, and this project sort of got abandoned. With only 3 days to forge, finish, and ship this blade, it's just not going to happen. 


Sorry gents :(.

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