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Flatter Hammers

Greg Agresta

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I'm thinking of making a flatter hammer and I'm looking for some basic indo. First, since you strike it with a hammer, does the head need to be softened to avoid chipping of either the flatter hammer head or the hammer you use to strike with? My thought is to use maybe a 4lb double head hammer and flatter one end. Do I need to do something to it other than flatten one end? Not sure exactly what I'm doing here and could use some advice.  Thanks

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Personally I wouldn't bother.  I've had one for 20 years and have used it exactly once.  That said, yes, the striking end must be tempered back.  The other end must be dead flat with a slight radius on the edges so as to not leave bite marks.  


Flatters are one of those things that sound good in theory, but require a team of strikers or a power hammer to be of any use.  Doing it single-handed doesn't do a lot.

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