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The sword of Alfonso I, the Battler

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The distant twelfth century was running and a legendary king lived in Aragon ... Alfonso I, The battlesman. His story of bravery, religious fervor, heroism and mystery endured to this day in his lands. A couple of years ago, I fell into my hands a very small contemporary coin to the Battler, which led me to inquire into his very rich history ... Son of kings, lived until his youth in a monastery, married a queen as powerful as the , separated, lived in struggles, with the austerity of a monk. He managed to unify the kingdom of Aragon, fought against the infidel until his mysterious death. His will donated all his assets to the powerful and mysterious order of the Temple. And here begins his magic, many researchers affirm that the Holy Grail himself was guarded in his kingdom and other historians even connect his more than interesting history neither more nor less than with King Arthur himself, who would be neither more nor less than Don Alfonso ...
His sword was lost in the night of time, nothing is known of it ... Research and based on the documentation I found I took the audacity, to try, recreate as a tribute to this great man, the sword that I could in some distant time












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