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Carving hatchet (Rutland Historical trades day).

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So finished the carving hatchet today. Overall very happy with it.  I picked a piece of wood that had a kick to it so it has a little rise to the handle. Maybe 1" from flat blade. 

What is the MFG date? do you know?  Mine has it on the side where the block is? 








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On 11/4/2019 at 7:36 PM, Chris Christenberry said:

Mighty purdy li'l axe you've made yourself, there, Jennifer.  I like. ;)

Thanks Chris. the next version will be pretty near full sized.  I've got some timbers to make. :) 

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9 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:


November 30, 2000.  

Hi  I pulled this from the website on shady grove.   Which is where I bought mine from. 

The anvil by which all other anvils are measured!

Main Face/Horns Guaranteed  to be at least HRC 59  (difficult to file)

Highest Rebound in the market at over 90%.

Chip resistant edges.  Toughest Steel Throughout**,  Consistent Quality,   150-year old Design - proven over time.

Very Thick steel under hardy and pritchel holes.  Hardy hole next to round horn (normally handiest and safest).

Fine Finish on Face and Horns.  Flat bottoms.


1 hour ago, Joshua States said:

I like that little hatchet Jennifer.

Thanks.  I gave it a work out today.  Got it all sharpened up and did some carving as well as some squaring up of a timber or 2.  It swings really nice and the weight is great for very little fatigue in use. 

I did a few push cuts for carving as well as some whittling.  Its pretty nice to use. 

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