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New stuff for BladeWest

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I got a few new things done for BladeWest (table E2, if you're in the area).  A 270mm chef, a belduque, and a couple of small integrals, a boot knife and a bird and trout.


The chef is forged (in the past my kitchens have been waterjet) and dressed in stabilized mulberry burl and micarta


The Belduque is in buffalo horn.  It's actually much lighter than the originals.  Now that I've gotten better at thin blades, I need to remember when they need to be thick.


The boot is in desert ironwood with a bit of texture.


The B&T is in elk.  Both of these are forged from 5/8ths 1095 hex stock.  I'm still figuring out all of the steps to get the shapes I want in these, so these are more progress pieces than where I want to finish.


IMG_1757 (Medium).JPG

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Both the belduque and the chefs knife really came out well.  The stabilized mulberry really makes an attractive handle and the shape of the belduque  makes it stand out too.  How was the horn to work with?  The last time I tried to work with horn the layers of it seemed to want to peal apart.



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