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Camping hatchet

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I finally made a hatchet with a straight head. I forged it out of 4340 and has a hickory handle. Any thoughts on working down the cheeks. I tried to work them down but ended up with a funking sideways looking mess. They ended up getting ground out to look more uniform.







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The way I do it is a lot of crosspein work with the drift in place, alternating sides to keep it even.  This gives a rounded langet/ear thingy.  To make that pointy involves more pein work from the bottom with the drift.  I'll see if I have pictures from the last time I did it... 

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If you get it hot enough and hit it hard enough it will move...  


Here's a bad pic of what I'm talking about, but it's the only one I have:



That's on 7/8" square A36.  A little practice and you end up with this:


baxes on anvil.jpg

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