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Some New Pieces...

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In between commissions, I've been trying to finish up some smaller pieces before Christmas. The first two were made as a one heat point forging demo. 5"ish blades in 1095, mounted in bog oak, copper and bone:


sell 1.jpg


sell 2.jpg


sell 3.jpg


sell 4.jpg


Next is a simple wee viking knife in 1095 and carved wild olive wood with a bog oak bolster:


sell 5.jpg


sell 6.jpg


And finally a simple edc in 1095, bog oak, copper and carved antler:


sell 7.jpg


sell 8.jpg


let me know what you think...

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I am always happy when you post new work Jake :). One day, when I'll get a break of kitchen knives commissions, I want to try a sgian dubh with a carved handle just like those you make, just to fully appreciate the work behind them. I just like your work a lot...

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Jake, they are all great! My personal choice for the one I liked the most is the last one!! Great work!!5f7.jpg

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