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18th century Hunting Sword - First Sword


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My first sword...about 45 hours in on it.


Based on a hunting sword in Nuemann's Swords and Blades of the American Revolution.  Original had antler handle but I wanted to try this.


Started with a 1"x1/4" bar of 1070, a foot square sheet of 3/16 mild steel, some 1" mild round stock and a hunk of ebony...handle ribbon is silver.  Hand cut the fuller with jig I saw on here and built.



Handle sword.jpg

Best over all.jpg

back of handle.jpg

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Added fuller cutting.
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Thanks guys!


As I said, the shell and guard started as a single piece of 3/16" flat mild steel.  I had to layout a flat pattern, cut out and form accordingly.  I copied the pictures of the guard from Nuemann's book and enlarged them to true size as a guide for the pattern.


The shell was dished on a concave form, bent upwards and then the hand needle-filing began...LOL.


I need to work through fullering more...the next one I am looking at has a small fuller near the spine and a wide fuller mid-blade...any recommendations out there?


Thanks again!



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This is a good one, similar to what I use.  Florian Fortner here on the forum has some ingenious designs that are a bit more involved as well.  If I can find those when I have a minute I'll pin them, they're that good.

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That turned out great. What are the specs/dimensions?


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