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Lukas MG

XVIIIc and cutlass!

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Hi guys,


I haven't been active here for a while but I have not stopped sword making! Here are my latest two pieces, a XVIIIc longsword and a cutlass with a dark twist...

First up the XVIIIc. It is inspired by the swords from the Alexandrian arsenal. Large, imposing and about as a fearsome a cutter as you can get (with longswords anyway).

Overall length: 114cm
Blade length: 87,5cm
Blade width: 7,6cm
Weight: 1770g
PoB: 10cm
CoP: ca 60cm
Forward Pivot point: at tip






Next up: a black cutlass! I was inspired to make this piece from one of Matt Easton’s Cutlass videos. I prefer handy and substantial swords when it comes to single handers and in a way, a cutlass is like an improved version of a Messer.
I was in a somewhat dark mood when working on this and I believe it shows… The entire piece emanates a feeling of dark power. It’s a handy piece and moves easily but it is very powerful for its size.
The blade is full 8mm thick at the base, with a strong concave distal taper (the only proper way to make a sabre). The blade is acid etched and I also left some scale from HT on the spine.

The guard is actually an original late 19th/early 20th century piece from a much-used austrian practice sabre. It shows much superficial wear but is perfectly sound structurally. After some blackening, I think it fits the blade perfectly.
The grip is covered in old black leather.

weight: 1000g
blade length: 70cm
overall length: 84cm
PoB: 11cm

That cutlass is about the perfect zombie/apocalypse/BoB weapon in my eyes...







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Good to see you back!  Beautiful swords, Lukas.

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Beautiful executions (no pun intended) of both swords.  I like'em.

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Love the black cutlass, Darth Vader would be proud to wield it when the light saber's battery runs out! :ph34r:

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