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Is a 2 brick forge a viable option for heat treating?

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Depends on how big a blade you have and whether or not you use anti-scale.  Mine isn't quite up to doing tomahawks, but folder blades and smaller knives are fine.  You will have to perfect the "stroke" technique for anything longer than about four inches, but I knew a guy who heat-treated full-sized katana blades in a 7" hot spot vertical forge.  


two-brick forge.jpg


This is my two-brick.  Handy little bugger for sure.  The burner is the kit hightemptools.com sells.  I can run it from 1450 degrees (with difficulty, it wants to poof out unless the bricks are well preheated) up to 2100 degrees or more, but it's always a fairly oxidizing atmosphere once you're over 1650 or so.  For most things I like a muffle pipe in the coal forge, or a longer one in a charcoal-filled trench.  This will give you a reducing atmosphere if you want (and you do), plus it makes decalescence much easier to see.

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A torch can, it just takes a while to come up to temp.  Those burner kits are $45, if I were going to do it over I'd get a Black Beauty from Jock over on Anvilfire.com.  https://www.anvilfire.com/21centbs/products/P-75/  $50, no assembly required.  

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