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Keep your fingers clear!!!! And use the correct drill bit

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A couple of weeks ago I was trying to drill the handle of a stainless steel saucepan so I could replace the faulty rivet, I only had HSS drill bits, so starting with a 3 mm bit I started to drill, Yup you guessed it the bit caught, snapped and went right through my thumb breaking off in my thumb, a quick trip to A@E and all is well again, 

 I've since bough a set of TCT drills !!

First photo drill in!! 

Second drill out!! 




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Ouch! Glad all is well. 


I watched a guy slip while tightening down a vise in a CNC vertical mill and send a .094" drill through the rear of his hand and out his palm. Wasnt spinning though, thankfully.


Always be conscious of where your hands are! 


Oh and carbide drill bits are the best! You're going to enjoy them, no doubt. 


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Yes, a stupid mistake, luckily I got off lightly,      it reminded me of when I was an apprentice truck mechanic, the guy I was working with(teaching me!!) was trying to drill the fender to fit mudflaps, however he had his hand the other side of the fender exactly where the 1/4 inch drill bit exited. The bit went right through his wrist, we had to remove the drill bit from the chuck while it was still in his wrist, then try and remove the bit from the fender, not something you expect to have to do in your second week of your apprenticeship! :o

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Stainless does not like drill bits. I think it was a bad breakup.

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22 hours ago, JohnK said:

Stainless does not like drill bits.


Get some solid carbide drill bits. The kind that are typically used on CNCs. They're expensive, but make stainless cut like mild.


But I agree, cheap TiN coated bits suck on stainless. 



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Its always something,,,,,, just keep your head clear and think when you work. As far as I know the worst accident in forum history was Daniel hooking up power to a manual hammer, using it a good bit, till it grenaded and almost killed him,,,,,,, Just keep thinking, if i do this, whats gonna happen? 

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