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Fancy Friction Folder

I did a few of these this weekend. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing any handles or making a sheath for fixed blades . 









Edited by Frank Barnes
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I really like these, Frank! There is beauty in their simplicity. And that twisted handle is just awesome looking. 

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1 hour ago, Chris Christenberry said:

Those little folders are as cute as bugs.  I really like the twisted handles.  Is the blade protected enough when folded to keep in your pants pocket?

Yes.  I carry one with no issues. Thanks 

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Thanks, Frank.  My nephew went nuts when he heard I was getting into knife making.  Couldn't wait to tell me that a guy sold him a "beautiful" knife made from a "RR spike, of all things".  I think he'd literally fall over if I made him something like one of those little folders like the ones you've shown sometime in the future.

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