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Clean Your Respirator

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Just got an urge to tear apart my respirator and see if it needed cleaning or not. And golly, I guess it did! 






These are all parts from the exhaust of the respirator, not from the filter side (thank god!)


But still. If those filters got clogged enough that the diaphragm opened and I was breathing through the exhaust portion... lungs full of rust all of a sudden. 


I think grit got in there from just the ambient air and the moisture from my exhaling breath rusted it all. Gross!


I'm going to be cleaning this thing every few weeks from now on. 


Some soap and hot water, and she's better now.







So here's your PSA for the day: clean your respirator. 


And if you are grinding without any sort of respirator altogether, then:




You dont want this stuff inside your lungs. 


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