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my first forged blades

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with work keeping me busy I haven't had as much time as i'd like to practice my forging but thankfully I've been able to do a little bit each Sunday night and I think I am improving.  I've mostly been using old worn out files and rasps to practice on, that way if I screw it up i'm not really out much.


my first forged blade made from a file/rasp like the one in the picture.  was going for a wharncliff style blade. definitely not pretty lol.





my second forged blade. small hunter out of a scrap piece of 1084.




my third and fourth forged blades. I used one 10 inch file like in the picture for these two.




and my fifth blade. used a farriers rasp for this one.  probably not going to finish it due to all the cold shuts but it was fun to make. cutting edge is a little over 10".



before profiling.




and after profiling.





so far it's been a lot of fun!


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You're definitely making progress!  If you don't mind a little critique, I see two things to look out for: you may need to dress the edges of your hammer face a bit, and you do need to flatten out the steel after forging it on edge.  In other words, when you're drawing out the tang you're not forging the flats back flat, leaving you with raised edges that will need time to grind out later.  Five minutes at the forge saves half an hour or more at the grinder.  Otherwise, good work, keep it up!  

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Off to a good start! - If you don't mind a bit of advice, I would say start with smaller blades. You will learn a lot more forging 3 x 4" blades in a session than trying to flog out one monster!


One advantage of doing smaller blades is you don't have as much invested in each one, so you can chuck it if it starts to go wrong, without the frustration.

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23 hours ago, Brian Dougherty said:

Definitely showing a lot of progress!  


BTW, I wish I had a birds-eye face on my anvil :D


hahaha! well it looks nice but it sure doesn't hold up very well!

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