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made a few tools

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made this little saw for cleaning out hidden tang handles. I think I used a 10tpi jigsaw blade.




and a 4" oal file guide.  it started life as a worn out 5/8" square file. first I softened it, cut it with the band saw, ground all the teeth off, epoxied it together and drilled the holes for the bolts and the guide pins. heat treat was a little difficult since I don't know what the steel is so I first did an oil quench and it did get hard but not hard enough so I ended up heat treating it again with a water quench and that did the trick. it's not pretty but it's flat and that's what counts lol.  if I ever make another i'll probably use larger guide pins. the ones I used are 1/8" drill bit shanks and while the work well I think larger pins would do much better.






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