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Every day carry

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Well it's been almost 4 months since I brought hot iron to the anvil. It has been a blast learning as I go, but I think it is about time to reach out to someone local to help develop better skills. That being said this is a every day carry that I made for a family member as a Christmas gift. The blade was forged out of one of the railroad clips I picked up. The handle is made up of homemade black and red liners, and the wood is leopard wood. I also have a first attempt at a mosaic pin, but it looks almost like the epoxy resin is cracked in a spot deep within. Overall I am happy with it.








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Some interesting ideas in this knife. The free-floating mosaic pin is kinda cool too. As you are thinking about it, I cannot recommend taking a class highly enough. It definitely helps you up that learning curve faster. 

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