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7” Chef knife

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Probably my best knife just because I have access to a heat treat oven. The handle is Padauk and curly maple.
80crv2 steel

7” heel to tip

1.75” at the heel

~.100” thick at the bolster area down to ~.005 before sharpening.


Overall, I like it, especially the blade shape and the handle material, but I can’t figure out what is off. I think the handle needs bigger facets, they’re at 1/8” right now.

What do you think?







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Hi Mike, nice knife! I am inclined to agree as the facets could be larger than 1/8”.

How was working with 80crv2 this thin?

Gary LT

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Thanks Gary! 

I didn’t notice any problems with any of the processes, only that the wear resistance was more noticeable when hand sanding and profiling for the tang shoulders should be done before heat treat if you’re using a file. Do you have any problems with thin 80crv2?

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I too think it may be the size of the facets. 


This looks great though. It has very appealing lines. I tend to like darker woods on kitchen knives, but the padauk/curly maple combo really works well.

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24 minutes ago, Joël Mercier said:

Nice work Mike! A well finished and designed knife.

Thanks Joel! I appreciate it.


1 hour ago, Will Wilcox said:

the padauk/curly maple combo really works well.

Thanks! I had some scrap pieces leftover from my brief cutting board phase. The Padauk is probably going to darken to a more maroon shade like the cutting board shown. I think it’s from the same board.

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