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Ron Benson

Letter opener

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I asked a few questions about making a letter opener in an earlier post, and someone asked me to post photos of the finished  piece, so here they are along with a few photos of the build not posted earlier.

In the first photo I drilled a hole large enough for the blade to pass through in a scrap piece of pine thinking I would glue up everything and then shape the handle, (# 2). I also made a jig for my router to route the corners off the square blank. It actually worked! I finally decided to glue up everything but the "bolster" using super glue on the dowel, (letting the SG set), and epoxy on the spacers. I let that cure overnight. I then carefully epoxied the "bolster" in place using the blade to makes sure it was oriented correctly. I pulled the blade out and there was no epoxy on it, (whew!). I then shaped and sanded the handle to 400 grit. Then the blade was glued in place. Finally I finished with teak oil sanding the wet surface with 600 grit. I do hope my son likes it.






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That's too cool, Ron! I really like it. 

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