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Swiss Dagger

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Hi all,

after long time, my next work.

A swiss Dagger.

Blade 250mm long, 40mm large and 6.5 mm thick at the handle. From damascus 1095/15N20.

The sheath i make from a old transmission belt.

The handle i want make from bog oak and brass.








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That sheath is cool! Reduce, reuse, recycle :).


The blade has a very nice pattern. Cant wait to see it finished.

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I do like what you did with that handle. Very reminiscent of WWII era combat daggers.

Would you like some critique or observations?

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Hi Joshua,

yes i know, the germans used the same form. But this is a Swiss " Holstein " Dagger. In Switzerland this form is used just from 14th century.

And yes without critique or observations we cant learn.




The handle  and the blade chanched always a bit.













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Nice examples of the style and form there. You did a great job reproducing it.


The only thing I can say about it that looks a little odd to me, is the center ridge line down the blade. It does not look straight to me. That could be the angle of the photo.

Do you check the guard and center line with a mirror?


I just put up a post about this in the Fit and Finish sub forum.


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The daggers that the Vermacht and the Waffen SS used during WWII were copies of the Holbein dagger of the Renaissance era.  They weren't original to the German armed forces.


That said, that is one outstanding knife, Ruggero.  Very well made all the way around.


If anyone wants to see another copy of a Holbein dagger and some Bassalard daggers  Tod Cutler of Tod's Workshop has a presentation on them on YouTube.



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