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Since my visit to the local blacksmith and demo of his new forge, as well as finding out that un-refractoried kaowool won't kill me.....I think it's time.


Had my SJ sideways in some corners after work trying to make everywhere in time, got MIG tips and all-thread, dropped them off at my buddy's engineering shop, he's still open till Friday.


He's going to fit a brass extension to the MIG tip and drill a 10mm through a piece of the all-thread to take that.  Piece of flat bar drilled and tapped to accept the all-thread.


Hopefully the rest I can do with some of my patented bird-shit welding.

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The machinist was also in xmas mode, went to pick up the start or the burner and noticed that she's failed to drill through the brass rod that extends the MIG nozzel......will be problematic getting gas through there :wacko:

So that's it for this year......

On a side note, I've been advising a young guy wanting to start, he visited me again recently, about a year after his first visit, he has a motor to build a grinder, but he realized that a forge is the first step, a realization I appreciate.  He wanted to get some old belts from me to help with the grinder build, but we talked more about the forge build.

Glad to say I got a video from him on Saturday and it seems he's built a workable gas forge!

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